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time to direct
Hello all,I had a crazy idea today,me and my friends have been making home video dvds to remember my best friend after he leaves fur the army.But then it hit me,I could make a resident evil short movie and add it to one of my films.

The only thing im missing is sound effects fur like the gunshots,stuff falling,stuff like that.I already have a setting fur the entire film.It will take place in the fields by my house.So I got that part covered,plus I have plenty of people fur actors,what I will need in the near future is people to play zombies and other key characters.The film will be called buffalo BNC 2010.If anyone living in the buffalo area is reading this post and would like to be a part of the film,lemme know by replying to it.

Also,if anyone knows where I can get sound effects kits,like where I can download em from,please lemme know

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Ok, I am confused... You write entries here as if you have a large audience. As far as I can tell, I am the only one that is following your journal.

Did you ever post a greeting message to the buffalofurs group as I suggested a while back? You can also try friending the members of that group and see if they won't friend you back. That way, you may get more responses than you are now! :)

All that being said, I wouldn't mind being an extra in your film. I dunno where you can get sound effects, but Google is your friend!

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